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Organic cotton/wool mattress for Moses Basket-new $40 ppd
I have three fitted sheets for this mattress, which I'll include.
This mattress would also fit an infant carrier called a Bird's Nest. A picture of a Bird's Nest baby carrier is here:
I can take a picture of the mattress if you would like, and I can email it to you.

Advocacy Tee from Jack's Magic Beanstalk $12.50 ppd
Retails for $12.99 plus shipping.
Size 6 months. Worn once or twice.
Text reads, "I'm Totally Organic!! Breastfed, Unaltered, Cloth diapered, and Chemical-free" See picture at:

Maggies Organic Cotton Tights Size Medium - NIP $20 ppd
Retails for $21 new.
Color is black.
Size medium fits 130 - 170 pounds and height range of 5'4" - 5'8".
I bought two pairs, thinking to give one pair to my mom, but she doesn't want them. I lived in my pair last Winter. I wore them under a stripey spinny skirt by Amorette of LimeLight Boutique.
More at:

Well-in-Hands Wart Wonder -New $19 ppd
This is the best product. It contains the herb Thuja, which isn't safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but is perfectly safe for children. I was hoping to use it on my plantar's warts, but I'll be BFing for quite a while.
Here's a link to a description:
This stuff retails for $19-26.

2 Natural Latex Pillows - Queen Size NIP $125 ppd Retails for $176 plus shipping
Made of shredded natural latex.
Can be machine washed.
Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, dust-mite resistant.
Preferred by people with fibromyalgia.
Like in this picture.

Sneakers Size 9 - Red - Gender Neutral NIP $18 ppd REDUCED TO $16 ppd Retails for $18 plus shipping
The laces are stretchy, elastic laces that do not need to be tied or untied.
The fit is extra-wide. They have a cotton canvas upper with bumper toe.

Sandals Girls Size 9: Sandal Momandal in Red NIP $24 ppd Reduced to $22 ppd Retails for $20 plus shipping.
Features velcro closure. Cute flowers on velcro closures.
My daughter loved these shoes, but they were too small for her.
My younger daughter is wearing hers everyday. They are fabulous shoes.

PowerMac G4 Cube with new parts. 450 MHz. 256 MB. DVD ROM $750 ppd ($700 if pick up in Denver or Atlanta area)
Original keyboard and mouse.
It has new parts: new RAM, new videocard, and new DVD drive. It took too long to fix (more than $500 of work, covered by a warranty), and I had to buy a new machine before it was ready. I loved this machine, and I have not used it since it was fixed in October 2003.

Bunch of Books For Sale on another Thread

I'm ready to sell my size small diapers: FMBG, Luxe, RB, Bumkins, a Pinhead ... Please inquire. I have some wool covers and a WIO. Many AIOs, AI2s, and fitteds. My thread on TP-Diapering is here:

I prefer funded PayPal, and I am open to other payment arrangements.


P.S. I added an ISO list below.

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Yes, I am open to trades. But, I don't have a current ISO list.

I have a 3-1/2 year old girl, a 1-1/2 year old girl, and a baby on the way. DH wears sizes XL; I wear size Medium. ... what do we need? I'm always looking for WAHM-made stuff and tie-dye stuff. I'm an FMBG and VK hyena, if that helps (and I'm RB-curious). Um. My brain is awfully fluffy these days.

Why don't you email me with some ideas or pictures? I'm at cwaddick @

* NB diapers to fit a 9" girl panda (stuffed animal) - velcro/aplix okay
* size medium AIOs for baby, especially like VK and FMBG, prefer side-snaps (no velcro/aplix; no velour); might like an RB WIO size 1 or fleece or similar
* used UTN (Under The Nile) clothing, especially long johns, any size; girls undies, any size
* WAHM gift certificates; used WAHM-made clothing
* tie-dye stuff (not prefolds), any children's size up to a 6-year old
* Little Lefties or advocacy wear (any children's size up to a 6-year old)
* funky girls clothes, sizes 2T-age 5 (or 6)
* Mothering magazine shirts, organic cotton that say "Everyone Needs Mothering" -- any children's size; adult size M or XL
* old issues of BabyBug, LadyBug, or Animal Baby
* I need a new (used) bathing suit. I like tankini-style. I'm a size medium/8-10.
* wooden necklace for girl age 3-4, such as Haba brand
* Spanish language children's books (any language level up to 3rd grade)
* Children's books in French, German, Urdu, Hindi, or Arabic
* books from the series: the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (set in Botswana)
* used Usborne books
* boy's sizes 12 mo. - 2T pajamas: two-piece, no feet, all cotton
* boy's swim trunks with built-in diaper, sizes 6 months to 2T
* girls' size 3T/4T pajamas (iff you use fragrance-free products) -- especially summer weight
* Word game for me and DH to play at night (We're growing old of Scrabble and Boggle)
* expert/personalized advice on low water immersion dying (crackle look)
* measuring tape, made of cloth or paper, such as for sewing
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