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fsot. natural toys, xl nursing tank, momabout town, metai carrier...

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My fsot page with pictures

Please make offers. I'd love to trade with you.

Not included on the page are a few small things:

NIP Christmas cheese spreaders $5ppd
Framed 8x10 pic of old fashioned boat $2ppd
Framed Bless our house 8x10 prayer picture $2ppd
small 2x3" nip I heart mom silver frame. Has casino arizona logo on bottom $2ppd

Sassy plastic teething links (for stroller/carseat) $4ppd

movies/vhs $3ppd each
Mission Impossible
The JoyRiders
Southpark Volume 4
America Psycho

Yellow Kitty brand new, never used Owie Bag by $5ppd

NIP never used makeup brush/nail kit. Fake leather, zips up $4ppd

lets make a deal!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts