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I have a bunch of old Mother Earth News Magazines for sale. I bought some on Ebay and some elsewhere. I have never had a chance to even read these(I have 3 little kids). They have a lot of really good sounding articles, but since I don't get much time to read and we could really use the $ I am selling them. Like I said, I bought these used...I don't know if there's any articles missing as I haven't had a chance to page through them. Most are in pretty decent shape for their age, though I noticed a couple covers loose. I would love to sell them all as one big lot, but I will sell off individual issues also.

I would like $1.25 each plus shipping, or the 42 magazines for $40.00 plus shipping within the U.S. I am also willing to divide the remaining magazines into groups of certain years and sell them that way too, or mix and match, etc. I will mail these out bounded printed matter, so shipping prices are similiar to media mail. Will take non-credit/debit card Paypal and timely money orders. Thanks, Sara

The issues I have are:

No. 53
No. 56
No. 57
No. 59
No. 61
No. 62
No. 63
No. 64
No. 65
No. 66
No. 67
No. 68
No. 69
No. 70
No. 71
No. 72
No. 73
No. 74
No. 75
No. 76
No. 77
No. 79
No. 80
No. 82
No. 83
No. 84
No. 85
No. 86
No. 90
No. 91
No. 92
No. 93
No. 94
No. 95
No. 96
No. 100
No. 106
No. 116
No. 120
No. 150


If buying, I can accept money orders or Paypal, but no debit or
credit card paypal(please ask if you don't understand that part).

Also, if you want to trade, please include prices with your list so I know
how much the value is for your items.

Things I'm willing to trade for(please remember money is tight, so I
am extra fussy this time around on what I will trade for):

Paypal(no credit/debit cards though) or timely money orders.

Kozy: I've always wanted to try a Kozy, so I might be willing to trade for one.


We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead by Pat Schwiebert
My Mommy, My Teacher by Johannah Bluedorn

Thanks for your time!! SARA
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