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FSOT: Pregnancy Books

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I used these books a lot in my first pregnancy (except the running one, which is brand new), but don't think I'll need them this time around:

$7 PPD - Brott, Armin A. & Ash, Jennifer. 2001. The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be. 2nd Edition.

$7 PPD - Iovine, Vicki. 1995. The girlfriends guide to pregnancy.

$8 PPD - Fitness Magazine Editors. 1999. Pregnancy Fitness.

$8 PPD - Lundgren, Chris. 2003. Runners World Guide to Running & Pregnancy.

I ship quickly, priority or first class mail.

Will trade for:
3T boyish/gn pants/jeans
L Motherease airflow diaper cover in EC
L Litewrap diaper cover in EC
Toddler size wool soaker shorts - boyish/gn - 19-20" waist, 20-21" rise

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