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FSOT: RB, Mudpie Babies, Elbee, Soft Landing, more *FIXED LINK*

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Mudpie Babies fleece-topped snap-ins, size Large, EC

Elbee Woolly Bully 2-ply Lg with sidewalls, dark green, EC $20ppd *SOLD*

Righteous Baby fleece, sz 2, "This little piggy went wee wee" VGC (the serging is white wooly nylon, and there is some very slight yellow discoloration on the contour's serging, otherwise it is EC!!) $45ppd

Soft Landing AIO SHELL (no snap-in), cow print, side snap EC $7ppd

NIP 10 Kooshies liners/doublers (3 layers cotton flannel) $5ppd *pending*

New pic link -- check the "for sale" album

I am ISO:

-Bumpy's (pref XL)
-Airflow's Lg
-soft somwhat breathable wrap style covers
-wool pull-on
-Snugwee Day2night
-Happy Heiny's
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I can't get your link to work. Do you have the album marked private?
Sorry about that, all fixed now!!
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Is the link working now?
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Fluffing to the top, and still hoping perhaps the link is working??
OK the link should really work now!!!
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Morning fluff

Would it help if I sold a Mudpiebabies AIO to go with those inserts? I have one PUL red one, size large, if you're interested. I still need the rest!
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