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FSOT:SAS (Simply Attached Sling)

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Mother of Eden discontinued the SAS a while back. I have one that is unbleached, white, organic cotton. It is worn exactly like the Moby Wrap. Front carry, hip carry, cradle carry, hug hold, back carry and GREAT for BF in public discreetly! It has frays at both ends and is super warm (too hot for Summer though!) It retailed for around $40 (w/shipping). Make $ offers or trade me!

Here are 2 pics:

Tye-Dye ANYthing
(my size 6-8 pant, med top/dd 12-18mo, med diaper, 18.5lbs)

Homemade soaps w/EOs (especially lavendar, chamomile, and patchouli)

A kick butT gift baby girl EDD 7-28-06 or my 3yo ds

A homemade diaper bag (something groovy)

Homemade jewelry with topaz, aqua-marine and/or peridot or turquoise

Anything advocating BF
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts