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"myth adventures" by robert lynn asprin<br><br>
"moreta: dragonlady of pern" by anne mccaffrey<br><br>
"the chronicles of amber vol one" by zelazny<br><br>
"the chronicles of amber vol two" by zelazny<br><br>
"god emperor of dune" by frank herbert<br><br>
"the shattered sphere" ed. by robert lynn asprin & lynn abbey<br><br>
"contact" by carl sagan<br><br>
"footfall by niven & pournelle<br><br>
"lord of the isles" by david drake<br><br>
"gai-jin" by james clavell<br><br>
"vixen 03" by clive cussler<br><br>
"foundation's edge" by isaac asimov<br><br>
by Piers Anthony: on a pale horse; with a tangled skein; wielding a red sword; being a green mother; bearing an hourglass; for love of evil<br><br>
"han solo at stars' end" by brian daley<br><br>
"patriot games" by tom clancy<br><br>
"homecoming harmony" by orson scott card<br><br>
"the matarese circle" by robert ludlum<br><br>
"myth alliances" by robert lynn asprin<br><br>
"neutronium alchemist" by peter f. hamilton<br><br>
"beyond sanctuary" by janet morris (few more by this author too)<br><br>
"servant of the dragon" by david drake<br><br>
"the dark hand of magic" by barbara hambly<br><br>
"blood of amber" by zelazny<br><br>
"earthclan" by david brin<br><br><br>
also have paperbacks if you're interested - some old trek books; mike resnick; a couple anne mccaffrey<br><br><br>
make an offer ! email to: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
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