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FSOT Stride Rite (size 5M), Stride Rite (size 7.5W), and Merrells (size 4)

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Hi all, thanks for looking!

7 1/2 Wide GN - Style is called Gilligan (how cute is that, little buddy?)

Lightly used for a couple of months (his feet just keep growing!)
These shoes are very wonderful, they are just plain nice white tennis shoes with velcro closure. Best of all, you can throw them into the wash! VERY GOOD CONDITION

$12.50 (including shipping) (Brand new price is $30.00 plus shipping)
__________________________________________________ __

Size 4 (tiny little infant shoes - the smallest they make!)

Jungle MOC Juniors by Merrells. Are these not the cutest shoes ever made? Super good condition (even have that new shoe smell still). Perfect, flexible first shoe. These are the Taupe ones.

$15.00 (including shipping) (Brand new price is $35.99 plus shipping)
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Stride Rite 5M

Wee little shoes that are a little higher for ankle support (they almost look like little hiking boots). They are a pretty mustard/yellowy brown. The leather is swede. Leather inside with rubber bottoms. They are in great condition.

$12.50 (including shipping) (can't find a link for a picture but I think I paid 35.00 for these)

Please feel free to make an offer!__________________________________________________ ____

Large/XL diaper covers (really like nikki's)

Stride rites 8 or 8.5 (toddler) XW boy shoes

Vegan cookbooks

Size 20 women's clothes - need yoga/excer. clothes, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts (prefer no-logo)

French movies/books/tapes

Art (paintings, cool posters)

Buddhist books, art

Homemade cleaning & personal products

hanging canopy for dd bed

bamboo curtains

bumble & bumple gentle shampoo

Giftcards to amazon, B&N, target, fred meyers, powells, regal cinemas

Harry Potter costume that will fit DD for midnight book premier

wiggles on DVD or kid stuff (we gave the guitar) or Barney DVD: please though, no clothes

old musicals on DVD

I heart huklebees on DVD

PM if you have something to offer (ds is 1/dd is 6, DH is 31
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