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FSOT *Tons* of Maternity Clothes

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***My baby came down sick Friday, so if anyone's PMed or emailed me and I haven't gotten back to you, I apologize. I will try to answer everyone today, or at the latest tomorrow. Thanks for being such understanding momma's!

This is the first time I've sold anything, so I hope I've provided enough information. My little man's growing out of his dipes, so I really need to sell or trade these clothes. If you honestly think I'm asking too much for something, make me an offer, I'm reasonable. You can either PM me or email me at [email protected] with any questions or requests for additional pictures. (I have close-ups of any imperfections if anyone wants to see them.) Oh, and I apologize for the wrinkles in some of the shirts, they've been packed away and I loaned my iron to a friend.

All items come from a smoke/pet-free home and are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated. Shipping is not included. Insurance will be extra and is recommended because I will not be held responsible once I've shipped any items. I prefer payment through Paypal, but I will accept MO's recieved within a week of closing the deal.

M Like New Beautiful Pink Paisley shirt~ $10~PENDING
M Navy blue t-shirt w/ tie-dye heart~ $5~PENDING
M Tan shirt w/ little white & black flowers- 1 small very light stain~ $4
M? Pink Colleen Conrad Sport t-shirt- 1 small light stain ~ $3
L Yellow shirt- couple small light stains~ $3
M? Red-checkered shirt~ $5
M Soft orange shirt- has 2 small bleach spots & a couple small stains~ $2
S (More like a medium) purple shirt- has some small light stains~ $2
M Flower shirt- tie back~ $4~PENDING
M Grey shirt w/ blue & red flowers, tie-back & jean collar~ $4
M Green & white striped shirt~ $3~PENDING
S? Babydoll flower shirt- fit tight across my 36c bust~ $5~PENDING
M Navy blue shirt w/ buttons~ $4
M Blue shirt w/ flowers~ $4
L Like new Blue, green, yellow, white "plaid" shirt~ $6
M Blue Hawaiin (sp?) spaghetti straps tank~ $6~PENDING
M Motherhood sleeveless red w/ black & white stripes shirt~ $5
M Tan sleeveless button-up shirt~ $6
L Old Navy purple tank- has 2 very small light stains~ $3~PENDING
L Grey sleeveless shirt w/ flowers (matches grey shorts perfectly)~ $4
M Long sleeve Dk green checkered flannel shirt~ $3
M Motherhood 3/4 sleeve white shirt w/ embroidery~ $6~PENDING
M White t-shirt- has some stains, am trying to get out~ $3

Sz 14 front-panel jean shorts~ $5
S Like new side-panel tan shorts~ $4~PENDING
M Like new side-panel black shorts~ $4
M? Motherhood whole-panel jean shorts~ $6~PENDING
M Grey shorts (perfect match to grey flower shirt)~ $3
M Motherhood jean romper w/ pink flowers~ $5
M Dark grey romper- not actually maternity, but works great~ $3

M Motherhood side-panel long khaki cargo capris~ $8~PENDING
M Motherhood UB bootcut jeans~ $10~PENDING
S? Motherhood lt blue (almost white) whole-panel jeans- sm pink ink? stain~ $4
L Whole-panel black jeans- tiny white paint spot and really tiny blue paint spot~ $4~PENDING
L Front-panel black pants~ $4~PENDING
M/L Lt blue side-panel jeans- 2 really small bleach spots~ $6
Sz 12 Front-panel jeans~ $7
M Whole-panel jeans~ $7~PENDING
"M" Gap grey drawstring lounge pants- these are not maternity, but they are literally huge! I still had *tons* of room in them when I was 9 months, they was also great for pp too~ $4~PENDING

Sz 12 Slate blue 2 pc pant suit~ $10
M Peach/Pink Tank Dress~ $10
9/10 Tankini swimsuit green checkered w/ daisies- only worn 3 times~ $10
M Motherhood Red Sweatshirt hooded jacket~ $8

Here's a link to some pictures. Maternity Clothes FSOT Album

M/L Nursing Clothes
M Kangaroo Fleece Pouch
Reg. CPF's
M Fitteds/AIO's- depends on brand
M Covers- depends on brand
Cloth Wipes
Diaper Pail Liners
Sz 14-15 women's jeans
Sz 7/8 Boys winter pj's
Play gym for babies (you know- the thing they lay under)
Ocean Wonders Aquarium
Sz Twin Boys Comfortor
Try me- you never know what I might be interested in!
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pm-ing you about a few items.
a bumping we will go,
a bumping we will go,
high-ho a merry-oh,
a bumping we will go!
a scrambled eggs w/ cheese and pancakes breakfest bump
I pm'ed you about the heart tie dye t, some jeans and pants, and the hoodie!
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