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AAAHHH! We have too many videos. Here is what I would like to get rid of:

Kid's Videos
The Wiggles-Yule Be Wiggling
The Wiggles-Yummy Yummy
Sesame Street's Musical Celebration of 25 Years-1 Hour Collector's Edition
Airplanes A to Z
Elmo's World-Babies, Dogs & More
Caillou-Caillou's Furry Friends (no cover)
Thomas and Friends-Best of James
Even More Baby Songs-Hap Palmer
There Goes A Train

Other Videos
The Full MOnty
Living Arts P.M. Yoga
Tae Bo Live Sneak Preview

All videos are $5 ppd, but would love to trade!

homeschooling books/materials
large sized cloth diapers
educational toys/manipulatives
classic children's books
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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