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stash clearing!

first, black wallababy solarveil ring sling. black rings, measures about 78". I thought I would need this for the pool this summer but we are just not going! So this is up for sale. It's in EUC, used just a few times, washed twice, I think. **SOLD**

Asking $25 ppd.

Next, I have an Annabear babyware pouch fs. Size 26, I think, in the turquoise pop floral print. Top rail measures 24" and bottom measures 28.5". Used mostly when ds was a newborn, washed once or so. In very good condition. it does have a couple areas with slightly pulled threads that I noticed when looking it over.

Asking $28 ppd.

Next, a natural moby in good used condition. Asking $20 ppd. Great first wrap!

Lastly, I have a rather old Rockin Baby Sling for sale. I have had it for several years--used it a ton when my first son was an infant. Navy, with cool orange trim.

The problem is, it has lots of holes.
It's very sad. There is also some wear at the seam by the rings. I don't think any of them affect wear too much, though. And they sure don't look nice.
But maybe someone who is handy w/a needle and thread could fix them up?
The worst hole (IMO):

a couple other holey pics:

Asking $25 ppd. If this is incredibly unreasonable (I have no idea) please let me know!

Funded paypal only please!

ISO, can add paypal as needed:
MTB chocolate lovey liners
BH w/minkee
FH (try me on prints)

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