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All diapers are in good condition and are free of stains. They are $10ppd each or make me an offer!

large sugarpeas layin diaper

one size organic growing greens diaper

Large Luke's Drawers Candy Kisses(I think), 1 zoo animal print, 1 Curious George print (pending!)

Large red Diaperworks diaper with insert

3 or 4 large reverse bug print Fuzzi Bunz

Nursing Mother, Working Mother(sold!)
Nursing Your Baby(sold!)

Size 70-80 Hanna Andersson fall outfits girly or gender neutral (not dresses)
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Can I have the duck Sugarpeas if it is still available? I can paypal, just PM me your address!
Can you tell me more about the FMBG AIO? Is there a picture, by any chance?
The FMBG is an AIO with a trifold soaker and a velour(I think) topped doubler. I think it is a blue batik print. I pm'd ya about getting you some pictures, Kam.
If Kam doesn't go for it, I'd love the FMBG AIO. I PM'd you.....
Got your PM Islandmama and will let you know!
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Hi there,
I still haven't gotten your picture, but I am interested. Would you mind sending again? Thanks!
I couldn't get the pictures downloaded onto my computer last night.
: I'll try again tonight.

andreac~awww, come on! $10 for a diaper! What a deal!
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How much is the book?
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