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hey, I want that black tie at waist sweater. I have the groovie ghoulies 're-animation festival' (their best imo) I can trade you the origional cd for the sweater??????
pm me

edited to add: if you prefer or need cash more, I have the $5 plus shipping in paypal and can send it to you instead...

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OH went through the CD collection... Here is what DH is willing to part with. Let me know if any of it strikes your fancy.....


(without jewlcase or insert)
Sublime!- Second Hand Smoke

(without jewlcase but includes insert)
sublime- robbin the hood (first(?) CD- featuring Gwen & NoDoubt & Raliegh Theodore Sakers Samplings & ect.)
The Jerky Boys 2(dh says this may be JB3)
Tripping Daisy- i am a ELASTIC FIRECRACKER
BECK- Mellow GOld
BECK- Odelay!
The Red Hot Chili Peppers- one hot minute
eels- beautiful freak
Everclear- world of noise
The Monty Python INSTANT Record collection -The pick of the best...
SPACEHOG- Resident Alien
Candlebox- LUCY (special demo from recording company!)
Blind Melon- Hello Goodbye
Dave Mathews Band- Under the Table and Dreaming
WOODSTOCK 94- compiliation of various artists at WS94- 2CD set.

K-Let me know if you like anything... K?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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