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Books I have to trade:

- Nightime Parenting, William Sears
- Mc Dougall's Medicine (Hardback, out of print)
- Breastfeeding, Pure and Simple, Gwen Gotsch
- The natural Nursery, Louis Pottkotter
- What to expect when expecting (second edition)
- What to expect the first year
- Trashing the planet, Dixy Lee Ray
- Eating Well for optium health, hardback
- How to talk so kids will listen & Listen so kids will talk, adele Faber & Mazlish
- Spiritual Midwifery, Revised Edition, Ina May Gaskin (Worn, but readable) Was my mothers, I was born in 1979.

Diapers I am ISO boy/gender neutral colors and prints please, in EC. PM me if interested in trading, or have a deal that I just can't let go!

- Berry Patch- Blue hemp, Large
- Sugarplum baby- Large
- SOS diapers, esoecially love the hemp! I have a heavy wetter!
- Muttaqin
- Bottom bumpers

Wool covers-
- Aristrocrate XL
-Sugar Pea cover
- Kiwi Pie

-Euculan wool wash
-WOW liquid wool wash

I can pay pay prompt funded paypal for these if reasonable on these ISO items:
- Sz 100 cm Hanna Andersson Dala Horse print long johns?
- Anyone got a retro rocket print fitted to fit a 28 lb baby boy?

Thanks! Renee Brown
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