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Full Circle organic products?

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How "organic" are they, does anybody know? I'm having trouble finding good sources of info.

I do know that the Cornucopia Institute gave Full Circle milk a 1-cow (bad) rating, but it would appear that lack of response to the questionnaire was a big part of that. The CI says that they ascertained that most private-label organic milk producers get at least some of their milk from factory farms, and that they obtained this info through conversations with industry insiders. No further info / sources on that. I'm inclined to believe it but wish that CI would show more data instead of just expecting me to take it on faith that their info is good. They show that FC milk comes from Haggens.

Other searching shows that the FC brand was created by Topco. Any info on them? Our grocery store is full of FC "organic" items and it would be great if they're legit, but I'm skeptical. I would love some info, if anybody has it!
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I am wondering too!!
A local store carries alot of Full Circle products & Cascadian Farms also.
I gave you the Cornucopia info. , need to pay attention to the original post! LOL
I don't have any solid info on it, but I stopped buying their stuff a while ago after a streak of getting a number of products that didn't taste right. A call to the company only resulted in excuses of how some batches don't please everyone's taste buds and some coupons for more of the same stuff.
: Seemed way too odd to me.
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