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Full Hunters Moon

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Hi Ladies,
Maybe the full moon we are supposed to have tonight will be exactly what our ladies in waiting need

Sending labor vibes to all of you hoping that you are holding your little ones soon

I am hoping my little one stays put for a while longer. The false starts without finishes are getting annoying. I am currently 2cm and 50% with an anterior cervix. My MW doesn't think I'll make it to the end of the month but I really want to make it to the BIRTH fair to represent my company on the 25th. So maybe my little one will hold out until the 26th

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Ah, yes, just what I've been waiting for! I'll take any help I can get.
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Sending labor wishes out to all of you who have babes who are due!!!!!!

Poetry in Motion...
I've got three more clients, all due before the 20th, left. Two have had their babies (bad idea to take on five clients in one month - bad idea!)....I'm hoping that this moon will spur one to birth.
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