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Full time wool much do you have?

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How many wool shorts/longies (as clothes & diaper cover in one) do you have for you kids? Also, how many fitteds do you use? I'm just curious what is the minimum number of these items you would need to do wool/fitteds full-time.
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I have done a bit of stash thinning recently, but I think I now have about 40-45 fitteds. Shorties are my major weakness, so I have a few in the works, but I'd say we probably have 10-12 shorts and 4 soakers. Not using longies now the weather has warmed up. We also have a few pairs of non knit wool shorts, but not so many of those. You could get away with using a lot less than I have though.
We use wool full time on both kids. DD is chunky at 5mo and DS tends to the small side, so both babes are in mediums. Our collection is something like this:
9 wool fabric covers
6 prs. fabric wool pants
4 prs. knitted longies
1 knitted soaker

I knit so I'm in the process of adding more to this. I need to knit DD more soakers for under dresses and shorties for both of them. I also plan on making them each a couple prs. of wool interlock shorts.

Oh, we use pfs and fitteds, so we have about 6doz pfs and 3doz fitteds.
we have no fitteds, and 4 wool front snap covers. two in recycled wool sweater, 2 in wool jersey. We stuff them with prefolds without pins or snappis. We don't use shorties or loungies here.

We use under the nile fitteds (about 26 of them) with some kissaluvs (6) that we mostly use in the morning while waiting for her to poop (because they aren't as thick) We have 3 lana pull on wool covers and 2 blue cloud velcro wool covers that we rotate. always the lana for overnight. we don't have to wash the wool very often, as they rarely get pooped on with the fitteds.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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