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fun ideas for a group trip to Vancouver?

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A group of us are meeting in Vancouver not-this-but-next weekend. None of us are from there, though some of us have been there. One of us is from Alberta; the others are from the States (like me).

There will be two fathers along to help with the two kids along (one 22 month old, one will-be 7 month old). Then there will be 6 women.

We're staying at a hotel on Robson and plan on LOTS of walking.

We've thought of the aquarium, shopping,'s a really short weekend with some of us coming in later and others leaving earlier...

Can anyone share some really great restaurants, bars, coffee places, things-to-do?

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Wow, thats a tall order!
-There's great window shopping on Robson, lots of boutiques and pricy stores.
- Granville Island is a great place for families. Artsy kind of place with a farmer's market, small shops, "Kids only market" (has kids stores and a indoor playground).
-Japanese/Korean food is good. Lots of restaurants in downtown to pick from. The really good places can be pricy though.

That should be a good start...
Granville Island would be great!
You can even take a seabus from where you are...just ask the folks at the front desk of your hotel. If the weather is good, Stanley Park/Aquarium will also be good. The entrance/exit of Stanley park that is on the South part of the park facing vancouver Westside/UBC, not West vancouver...,right on the water, has a great playground.
What kind of food/restaraunts are you interested in? any diet specific or cultural specific?
We're a diverse group. A couple vegetarians, a few omnivores, and a couple who just want to have/try poutine.

Is the aquarium outdoors? And is it a GOOD aquarium? I haven't been to a really good aquarium since I lived in the Bay Area....I want it to be a really good one.
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Dunno if you'd actually get any poutine downtown. Its not as prevalent here as it is on the east side of the country. I know of only a few places, and its a bit of a trek from downtown, ie. 20 min drive. The only place I know you can get it downtown in in Pacific center mall, in the fast food court at "New York Fries".

Chinatown is always a good thing too. Lots of cheap fresh food, and some vegetarian restaurants too. "Floata" restaurant is actually the largest restaurant in the city, seating about 1000. Good Dim sum!

The aquarium is fairly good. Outside, its got Killer whales, seals, buluga whales and a dolphin or two. I like the fish section though, thats indoors, very educational and atmospheric. I don't go often though, because it kinda goes against my principles (whale captivity and all that).

Science world is really neat. All hands on and a great theatre. Its the building that looks like a disco ball.
I got this from a tourism site:

"Fritz Frie House, a french frie shop on Davie near Granville in downtown, boasts what is arguably the best poutine in town. The curds are imported from Quebec. The garlic lover's mayo is fantastic too. Cleverly located next to the local Fitness World. $5 for a medium. Open until the wee hours in the morning, frequented by night clubbers. Regularly wins local awards for fries."

Does that place not exist? Ooh I'll be in trouble if it doesn't....

I was actually hoping there was NO poutine in Vancouver, but then found the above (something about cheese curds makes me go *bleah*), and at least two of our group are all excited.

I hear ya on the animal captivity thing...I'm of several different minds on it.
Dang Libra...
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That place might well be there still. I don't go to that area of town though because it used to be/maybe it still, is a bit dubious. I found that there were streetpeople and panhandlers there the last time I went.

The Granville St. area is good for the entertainment (movie theatres, night clubs) but its also a major bus pickup/drop off area so there's always lots of people milling about. Not to worry you or anything, but you should always be aware of your belongings, especially if you're a tourist and don't know exactly where you're going.

As for cheese curds... really, its sorta like eating melted mozzarella. Yes, you will get creamy white lumps on your crispy fries, but by the time the hot gravy hits them, they all melt and become this gooey mess. Definately eat it with a fork, and try not to think about the grease and the salt. Yummm.
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Thank you thank you.

Hey, specific question for anyone. I was up there for my bachelorette (stagette?) weekend in the summer of '03, and we went to this bar with some sort of moose theme. I have NO idea where it was; that night I *counted* having 8 drinks of one sort or another, and that's all I was able to count...I don't remember much but pain in my feet, being far too drunk, and being angry with my maid of honor b/c she kept forcing all this booze down my throat then was surprised when I couldn't dance.

ANYWAY! This moose place. I find some bar/restaurant (listed in Family Friendly restaurants on yahoo) called Moose's Down Under, but I can't think that that's it, mainly b/c I remember it as being very small, unlike the pictures online of this M.D.U. place.

Does anyone have ANY idea what I'm talking about? I swear there were moose antlers or even a head sticking out of the outside wall of the pub...

I can't wait for the train ride up, I just love taking the train up there!
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Was the place you went to underground (below street level)? If so, then so's MDU.
No, it was on the street level...I vaguely remember it being by a Japanese restaurant? Ugh, so.few.memories from that night....dang my maid of honor!!!!
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The aquarium no longer has killer whales... just belugas, and 4 dolphins, seals, sea lions, and lots of fish, also has a little bird aviary or whatever that's called with a couple of slothes in there too, snakes etc....

It's a good place for kids.

An excellent vegetarian buddhist restaurant on Main and 13th or thereabouts, called Bo Kong, it's AMAZING. Even if you aren't vegetarian...

Ugh, poutine...ok no comment on that.

It really depends what you want to do. I usually recommend on a clear day to go up Grouse, it is BEAUTIFUL up there, if you make dinner reservations at the restaurant up there, you get to ride the tram for free which usually costs something like $17 or something. Well dinner is maybe $25/each so it's a good deal, the food is good and you have a fantastic view of Vancouver.

In Deep Cove you can rent Kayaks and paddle around, get some amazing donuts at Honey's donuts.

But if shopping is your thing then downtown you should stay, or take the skytrain to metrotown.
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There are a ton of great restaurants in Vancouver. Near you is Hapa Izekaya. Its on Robson and serves great Japanese bar food or tapas. We've brought our kids there and they were fine, although its a more adult oriented place. The owners have a small child
so they likely will try to accomodate you. The food is amazing! Depending on what you're looking for I could recommend a ton of places. Not sure about the Moose thing. I've been to Moose's Down Under, I wouldn't recommend it though! Anyway, if you want more good places to eat, let me know.
Other places to check out are the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens (in Chinatown), a lovely place to relax in the centre of the city. Commercial Drive (my 'hood
), is also a great place to stroll. There's some great shopping and some cool restaurants, Havana's and Stella's are two that I'd recommend. A couple of really great kid's shops, Chick Pea and Dandelion Kids. Also, if you like really expensive Italian shoes (adult's and kid's) there's Kalenas. Since 'The Drive', is the old Italian section of the city there are some amazing coffee bars. Two of the best are Continental and Cafe Calabria. Both of these are around E. 2nd Ave and Commercial (there's a Starbucks there too
). There's also a place that's reputed to sell good Poutine, called Belgian Fries on 3rd or 4th and Commercial. Pretty much everywhere on the Drive is very very child (and nursing) friendly.
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Yes ,there are soooo many great restaurants in Vancouver

On Robson st:a hidden El Nido - great Italian food and Cin Cin as well.
Tapas Tree on Robson/Denman
Gyoza King:Hip,funky,casual good hearty Janpanese food(no sushi though).very busy
Yoshi:fine Japanese rest on Denman/Georgia with an awsome view.
Vij's: on a must go East Indian reservation,might have to line up at 5;30pm on even weekday for the seats.
En: great japanese rest on south Granville...this strip is great for shopping aw well.
Chai:healthy,vegan place on West Broadway
Tojo's: another high end dining Japanese rest.
Sun Sui Wa on Main st:great dimsum and dining as well.

for shopping
QOQO just opend on Robson st.Clothes are made from soy,bamboo,hemp fabrics and organic cotton.

family activities:Storyuem in Gas town
Library Square on the rainy day
Ambleside,Dundarave park in West Vancouver.
and for more info,check out:
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It might be out of your way, but another good place for poutine is Belgian Fries on Commercial - they've won awards. They also have deep-fried mars bars
I hear Fritz is really good too.

The moose themed bar - maybe the Loose Moose? just off of Granville
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