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Hi Mamas-to-Be,
We had so much fun with this at our baby shower that I thought I would share. I wrote the poem below to accompany the game/"fun thing to do" - feel free to copy it, print it and use it. Here is how to play!

My husband and I picked our favorite names, and wrote one name on different boxes. Each box had a hole cut in the top of it.

Next - we had a bowl full of beads. Each one of our guests picked one bead, said a blessing and then "voted" for their favorite name by placing the bead in the box with their favorite name on it.

At the end of the baby shower we counted the votes - and with the blessed beads made a birthing bracelet.

It is pretty cool way to get everyone involved - make your birthing bracelet. And no! we did'nt end up naming our baby with the name that won at the shower - but it was still a great process.

Here is the poem. I print it out in a beautiful font and mounted it on colorful paper and placed it near the bowl so everyone read it before they participated.

Here you will find a little game
I want you to help give me a name

Also here lies, a most special deed
Its not only a name but
Wishes and prayers that I need

So please say something caring and sweet
When you cast your vote, by using the bead

It is all part of something very special
After tonight the bead becomes part of a vessel

Its' journey starts here and ends on a string
That will be with me! Baby! from the beginning

The beads are for mommy to wear during birth
So she is reminded of friends and family on earth

I am really so happy that you could take part
Thank you thank you thank you
From my tiny little heart!
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