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Funk Butter question

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I finally got some Funk Butter (black cedar fig) after hearing about it for years. I love it so far! But, I can't seem to get it to spread without clumping, since it's so dry. Do you have a good application method that works? Or, if you leave the streaky clumps, do they mess up your clothing at all?

(I'm happy to report that after epilating, if I wait a minute or two, Funk Butter doesn't bother me. I was worried that it would burn.)
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I love the black cedar fig Funk Butter! Do you have any kind of lotion that you can use? What helped me was to put just a little tiny bit of lotion on my armpits first, then I could rub in the FB and it would spread out evenly and wouldn't irritate my pits.
That is a good idea about the lotion! I am going to try that when I get my FB!
What is "funk butter"?
Thanks! The lotion tip is working great!
Shoot does anyone have any advice for me? I have been using the FB daily for about a week and a half. I put lotion on first and then just put a little FB over it. I thought it was doing fine but then yesterday my armpits starting getting rashy and itchy. Today they are really itchy and kind of burn. Should I just wait for it to clear up an then use it again?!
I'd stop using it while you have any irritation. What kind of lotion do you use? Maybe something simpler like coconut oil or cocoa butter would work out better, and try using as little funk butter as you need.
A lot of people can't use it because of the baking soda. I won't even try it b/c baking soda makes my skin break out and in the armpits it's a horrible itchy, burning rash. I'd stop using it all together and then try it again once it's cleared up if you need to prove to yourself for sure that it was the cause lol.
Well shoot. I have 3 full containers of FB and super itchy and burning rashy armpits.
I am sure it was the baking soda because I have never used baking soda before and I have never had any problems with rashy armpits before. I might just have to use the FB once in awhile and switch to something else.

Anyone know of any other good natural deodorants?!
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BTW I have been using the whipped pudding lotion.
That sucks about the rash. But to answer your original question, I always used to put it on while still damp from the shower and it went on smoothly.
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