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funky freezer milk

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My expressed milk seems to taste terrible if it has been in the freezer for more than a day or two, which sort of defeats the whole purpose of freezing it. (I need to have a reliable back-up stash, too, for middle of the night EMS calls...)

It doesn't taste sour, just like a nasty old ice cube...almost like it has been freezer burned. I've tried storing it in Avent bottles, in Lansinoh freezer bags, both combined.... and still, it's awful. Tastes like it's stale.

Is my milk turning b/c of something in it? Or is it the freezer factor? Any ideas?
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Mine sure LOOKS funky after freezing. Haven't tasted it myself, but ds doesn't seem to care.

could be excess lipase. run a search on this forum for lipase and you'll learn more.

try scalding freshly pumped milk and then freezing. if when thawed it's not funky then you've got excess lipase. won't hurt your baby any, it's just a storage problem.
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