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I am due in October with my first and have just started to get some of my cd supplies. Today I got my first, being kissaluv's wipes and doublers, I am so excited. But yesterday my good friend was here with her 18 lb. 3 month old. He had just taken a big poop when she realized she ran out of diapers and she lives 30 minutes away.

I quickly remembered that I had gotten a prefold and newborn cover from a friend a while back, but where was it? I dug it out and we wished for the best. Well her baby is huge and there was no way the cover would velcro shut. I told her that I don't have any pins or snappis and she said "wait...there are 2 packages of diaper pins in the bag of maternity clothes I brought you that came with a gift basket I recieved and never used!" So we got them out, closed up the diaper while laughing so hard the whole time!

How lucky were we that I had grabbed that ONE diaper and cover a while back and she just happened to bring pins all on the one day she ran out of sposies! It was great. Hopefully baby didn't leek too bad on the way home due to our novice application!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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