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Dh has a friend who is a single guy, and he comes over for dinner about once a week. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned something about having to go put the diapers in the dryer, and he said "Oh, you use cloth?". Turns out his brother and sister-in-law are expecting twins
: , and might consider cloth to save money. So, I sent dh's friend home with a note about diapering basics, a list of websites, and my email address to give his brother.

Fast forward to the other night. Dh's friend (Matt) was looking at something on the computer with dh, and I was getting the kids ready for bed. Ds ran back into our room (where the computer is) after he was ready. Here's the conversation that followed:

Matt: Wow, his bottom sure is padded.
Me: That's because he has a wool cover on (under his pajamas).
Matt: A wool cover? (Looks confused)

Me: Wool is a great diaper cover for overnight because it is breathable, and yet keeps their clothes and sheets dry.
Matt: Why do you need a cover over the diaper?

Me: Because otherwise the clothes would get wet.
Matt: The diaper alone isn't enough?
Me: No, because the pee would soak the diaper and then continue to the clothes, bed, etc.
Matt: I don't understand.

Me: (getting a little frustrated) The diaper is CLOTH, not waterproof, so it NEEDS A COVER.

Matt: OH, he has on a CLOTH diaper!

Me: Yes, you knew that. We talked about it a couple of weeks ago, remember?
Matt: Oh, so you use cloth all the time?
Me: Uh, Yeah! :LOL

So now I'm thinking perhaps I should find out his brother and sis-in-law's email address and contact them directly, because I don't think Matt is up to the task of passing along accurate diapering information to them! :LOL
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