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Funny Evan

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this really cracked me up

we were all walking and Jay (DS1 16) asked if my belly button was attatched to teh baby's umbilical cord/ belly button.. I said no and told him the baby's was att to the cord then the placenta which makes food and gives air to baby etc..

we walk another block or two and Evan (DS2 6) asks.. Mom, what is the baby doing in there with a pinata?? I was not thinking and I was like "whaat" a what in there,, he says "is there like a playground in there with a pinata??" I say "pinata?? he says Yeah.. pinata, plinata .. umm

I go OHHHHHH the PLACENTA.. he says YEAH !! the plinata!

I think he wants to go in ther and hit the plinata!!

I thought it was so funny...
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OMG- Pixie wants a pinata every time we see one. I'm glad she doesn't think that- she'd have already crawled back up in there!
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Originally Posted by sorteep View Post
we were all walking and Jay (DS1 16) asked if my belly button was attached to teh baby's umbilical cord/ belly button...
When I was a kid I thought that's the way it worked too!

Sometimes it *feels* like someone is whacking on a pinata in there...
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Kids are so funny.

DS (almost 4) asked me if the babies were going to pop out of my belly button. I told him no. Then he asked how they were going to come out.
I'm not sure I'm ready for him to tell the world that babies come out of mama's "peepee".
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That is funny! Sometimes it feels like this baby has a pinata in there!

Ds is too little to really have any idea, but in a HB book we read together there is a picture of the placenta being delivered and inspected by the MW. I told ds we still had his placenta in our freezer and he went around the rest of the day saying "'centa". Don't kids just crack you up?
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Lindsey, dd2 (almost 3 yrs) asked me the same question just a few days ago. And of course, she also proceeded to ask me where the baby comes out. I nonchalantly told her that she'll come out my bottom and then quickly changed the subject and distracted her before she could think about it or ask more questions. If it was dd1 (4.5 yrs), I wouldn't have minded explaining a bit more, but dd2 is just too young to understand this conversation at all.
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