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Funny Milk Comment

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My 3 year old was bf for 2 years and 9 mths, well the other day we were driving past a cow farm, and I mentioned that the cows give us the milk we drink. She got all upset and said "I thought that milk came from mommy!!!" for awhile she wanted nothing to do with the milk in the fridge! I always told her it was just big girl milk, i guess i should have mentioned it came from a cow!
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:LOL We were at the store once when ds was two and he was pointing to the milk gallons and saying "milk." some lady next to me said to him "wow, that's really smart! do you know where milk comes from?" and he said "Mommies!!!!" :LOL The lady actually seemed to think it was cute, probably because I was obviously pregnant with dd, and figured i was getting him ready for me to nurse the baby - with no idea that ds was still a nursling himself.
I love that Trystan is now old enought o talk to about his nursies. He calls them "ziez". The other day I felt like he wasn't getting anything (pre-menstrual) and when I asked him he shook his head no, so I switched him to the other side and when I felt him getting milk and swallowing, I asked him if he was getting some now and he shook his head no... then grinned. I asked him if he was being silly and he shook his head yes and giggled!
That is so cool... I love it.
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HA! My little girl was having milk this morning in bed, and at the same time my husband was trying to snuggle sort of on top to me on the opposing side and therefore blocking the other breast. She got annoyed about it and pushed his head, and shouted "GET OFF! That's Baby's breast!" It was so cute and funny! Her favorite things to say to me lately is "wanna be up in mommy's arms" and/or "wanna have a little bit of milk. then go to work" before I have to head out to work.
Ds has started calling my breast "balls" and following me around signing "ball" eventhough I laugh and tell them they aren't balls.

Ok, the other day we were playing with his plastic farm animals and he pointed to the udders on the cow. I told him that was where the cow's milk comes from. He pretended to drink it, then looked for udders on all the other animals. He then had the horse nurse from the cow, the goat nurse from the pig, the police car nurse from the sheep. . . it cracks me up to go in his room sometimes and see all his nursling left intheir nursing postiion. :LOL
I love reading what all the kids say about nursing :LOL
My dd keeps telling my husband "my buby!" when ever he cuddles up and the funniest thing she says is"bubbies are broken, daddy needs to fix them"
She says that when they are empty!
I guess daddies are supose to fix every thing ! :LOL
sewing - that is too cute!!! I honestly can't wait until my 12m can start giving nursing a name...
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