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Funny noise when going to sleep?

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Anyone elses baby make a funny noise when they are going to sleep?

When Hamish is tired - and he makes that clear now - I usually pop him in the sling (if hes not hungry and tired cause he either falls asleep at the boob or in the sling! - but if he is in the sling...) and he starts to make this funny noise. When it stops - hes fast asleep! DH says he sounds like a zombie! lol I have no idea why he does it - but he does and its like his little own noise of 'I am going slowly drifting off to sleep now'. Anyone elses baby do this?

Here is a video (nothing to watch as its aimed at the wall! lol) - but you can hear the noise he makes. My friends think its cute! If we are out and about in the stores and he starts doing this to fall asleep, I wonder what strangers around us think! lol
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That was really cute. Does he fight sleep? I wonder if it's almost a desperate attempt on his part to stay awake. I swear one of my babes did this but I don't remember which one. I kind of wish ds would do that-he screams instead!! lol Anyway, it sounded really sweet!
This sound is very cute! DD makes loud grunting sounds when she's going to sleep!
DS does. I call it his "swan song before sleep." Anyone in the room is welcome to sing along
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You know, I thought all babies did that. Maybe just all the babies in my family?
It's like a growling sound. We call it the sleepy song. My parents say I did it, both of mine have done it, and I think my nieces did it too. We call it the sleepy song. My DS sometimes will do it so loud that my DD complains it keeps her up.
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When I played that my DH thought it was our own son! We call it the sleepy cry and it's a dead give away that Dec will be asleep soon.
Kelsey sort of whines herself to sleep most times......

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kelsey sort of whines herself to sleep most times......
that's fine.
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I saw this post and though 'Oh my DS does that!...'...then realised that this was my post!
Good time! lol...

I think I have concluded that it is a self soothing thing. Whilst he doens't sleep a whole lot - and sleeps more in smaller amounts, he doesn't tend to fight sleep. Hes quite happy at the boob or in the sling. But I also wonder if he did this in the womb because I remember feeling vibrating feelings in the womb and it feels very similar to what he feels like in the sling when he starts making that sound whilst he drifts off to sleep. His eyes are usually shut when he starts his little zombie noise! lol
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Yes! DS did that, and now DD does too. I say they're singing themselves to sleep. =)
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