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Funny question/idea from my creative dh

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Our 20-month-old is very regular with his poo-poos. One big one after breakfast usually does it for him. But he seems to sprinkle tinkle all day long. When he runs around without a dipe, he just squirts out a little amount of pee about every half hour or so. Usually, it's like a tiny dribble.

So, my husband had the idea to just put him in underwear with a mama cloth-type pad in it. He actually suggested a maxi-pad

Here were his reasons he thought it would be a good idea:

1. He has recently outgrown his size medium fuzzi-bunz

2. We have to buy underwear for him sooner or later, so we might as well buy them now.

3. Dh thinks unders would be more comfortable than prefolds and a prorap, especially since we never get a soaked diaper.

(Btw, ds gets plenty to drink, he is not dehydrated, I promise)

Is this a totally weird idea?? Has anyone tried anything like it?
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Go for it! Sort of like wearing a coverless fitted. The only thing you might consider is that once he gets a little bigger he might start holding his pee longer and then flooding his undies instead of the little trickles here and there. My 27mo does that now. His diaper will be bone dry for the longest time and then suddenly sopping wet.

Can't hurt to try it though! I wonder if it's similar to what ECers use?
Wemdid that when we were EC'ing....dd would poo, and i would put little undies on her the rest of the time.....
It's not really a "new" creative thought, LOL!!!

Try the EC board for lots of good info on where to get little undies, etc.
i once saw soakers like a maxi pad with snaps to go under the undies.
A mama pad could work too i bet.
Well, we've been at it all afternoon and so far so good. He's wearing some Thomas briefs with a hemp mama pad, changed a couple of times so far. One time we used a plain old washcloth/wipe. Seems to be working
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