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Funny (?) story from the Mexican restaurant

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We went out to eat tonight and there was a big table next to us with two toddlers in 14 months, one 20 months (I heard them talking about their ages). The 14-month-old had a paci in his mouth and it fell out on the floor. I was shocked to see the mom pick it up and put it back in! Maybe I'm a germ-phobe, but I would have washed that paci really well before offering it to him again. But that's not the funny part.

My DH had a different viewpoint, he could see what the mom was doing before she popped the paci back in the baby's mouth again...she dipped it in her margarita!! Maybe she thought she was sterilizing it that way...ummm...anyhow, she didn't wipe it off or anything, just gave the kid his tequila-flavored paci...

She did this twice...

The boys were also watching a little DVD player at the table. I'm not sure what I think about that - but the paci thing really made me go
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Not that *I* would do that, but I would probably have died laughing, especially if the babe gave a funny look! I don't think it's anything to worry about, though, unless the binky was a sponge, the baby couldn't have gotten much.
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That's great..... Now why didn't I think of that?

Oh yes.... we don't use pacifiers.

DVD players at restaurants?? Isn't their enough stimulation at a restaurant??? My daughter loves it when we go out!!

Hmmmm... these poor media controlled children. The saddest part is that these will be our children's friends! Or am I the only one who worries about our children's future friends? Hmmm......
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Hey if giving 2 toddlers a video to watch in a restaurant helps mom and dad have a nice dinner out I'm all for it. How many threads do we see from parents who cant take their single toddler that age anywhere?
(it *might* have been a virgin 'rita...not that I'd feed DS the sugar and whatnot in the mix, but still...)
I only wash the binkie if it falls binkie side down. If only the handle portion hits the ground, it's good! But then again, perhaps I should rethink the policy since DS is doing more chewing on the entire bink rather than sucking.
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I'm really bad at thinking about cleaning things off that my babies will put in their mouths, except at work, at work I'm really anal about it, but with my own kids I am really lax.

And I've got nothing against a taste of a margurita (especially a virgin one) so I'm really really bad I guess lol!
I seriously could have written your posts Katerkat and Mara and Irishmommy...down to the detail of Katerkat's post about your baby chewing on the whole binky. dfs has totally been doing that lately. I also figure that a germ-free environment is a detriment to a child's that from the paternal side of my family, aka the physician side of my family (not my dad...he's not a doc, but his dad is and a number of his siblings).

Now, a magarita...wouldn't do that one myself. Not that the binky would really soak up much of the alcohol, but still...I just wouldn't feel right. And I don't imagine it would take much for a baby to get drunk. Hope this isn't one of those cases of, "if they are willing to do this in public, what do they do at home in private." I think I just lost my sense of humor about babies and alcohol the last time CPS called me needing an emergency foster care placement for a baby whose mother put vodka in his bottle to get him to go to sleep. I'm probably taking this way too seriously. And the kidos probably got a lot more sugar than anything LOL.
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy
Doesn't wiping it on your sleeve sterilize it?

Do I have to work that hard? I thought all I had to do was look at it *really hard* . . .

Oh and the only reason I wouldn't have done the same as that mother is that we try to reserve the bink for restless sleepytime or difficult car trips . . . and because I still don't feel comfortable drinking with son nursing so much!
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I guess I need to get less uptight about germs...I thought I was getting better because I no longer wash the paci with hot water and soap when it falls on the floor at MY house! But out in public still gets a good wash before it goes back in the mouth.

To the PP who doesn't use pacis, please don't judge parents who use pacis (and I promise not to judge parents who use DVD players, other PP!). We didn't plan on it for DD. But she was crazy to suck 24/7 and WOULD NOT do it at the breast - she couldn't figure out how to suck and not get milk. She was frantic and unhappy and yes, we gave her our fingers to suck but sometimes you need your fingers, kwim and I was constantly washing my hands, besides the fact that it was awkward and didn't really seem to satisfy her. So out of total desperation when she was not even 3 weeks old I bought her a paci, hanging my head in shame.
She loved it, was instantly happy, it was just what she needed. And it didn't keep her from nursing more than once an hour day and night. She eventually learned how to comfort-nurse in certain situations and reduced her paci use greatly, but it is still helpful sometimes. But please don't judge until you've had a similar situation! Honestly I don't know what a pre-paci mom would have done w/ Nora...she would SCREAM at the breast if I tried to offer it after she was full, but she HAD to suck...and her fingers/our fingers weren't cutting it. Anyway. I don't know why I feel the need to defend my paci use...I guess it just doesn't seem very NFL...

Re the DVD player, I hope I did not sound judgmental of the mom. It is probably not something I would do but I'm not there yet so I can't say. Actually, neither of the little boys appeared to be paying much attention to the DVD player - they were looking all over the restaurant.

I am fascinated by watching how other parents interact with their kids in public. And I often realize that if I were watching ME I might be tempted to think "she's not very AP"...if I happen to be out with the stroller, for example. I wouldn't know that I am a slingin' mama who holds her DD all day but occasionally uses the stroller and finds it useful. And last night DD fell asleep before we went out and she was wearing shorts (we're in CA) so we put her in her carseat wearing them but covered her with a blanket. Later she woke up and we were holding her while walking from the restaurant - it was still 65 degrees or so and the walk was short, so no hypothermia for DD! But a girl called out "Hey baby! Are you COLD??" in a very insulting tone. That sucks! I felt so judged.

But even being able to picture how other people might pass judgment on me and knowing that things aren't always as they seem, I still like to observe people and try to deduce what they are like with their DC at home (crib sleeping? co-sleeping? etc.)...I am probably wrong most of the time! But I don't think of it as least not unless they are doing something horrible like hitting their kids or ignoring a screaming baby. Just observation. I think it's interesting that so many here did not have the shocked reaction to the 'rita-flavored paci that I did. Good to know it's me who's the oddball!
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I appologize if I came accross as judgemental. I swore up and down that I would not give my dd a pacifier. And then when she was about three months old, I tried. She needed to suck all the time and even though I was able to comfort nurse for hours and hours a day (she loved the booob), I was limited in the car. And she would just scream everytime we put her in her seat. So I tried, but she wouldn't take it. But I understand that some moms and dads and babies work best with one.

I do have something against the dvd players though. I'm really not trying to judge, but I just feel that this society as a whole, is watching too much tv. The average American watching 4-5 hours a day!! And that is average. So some are watching hours more than that. I know that not all tv is bad; even I watch tv. But it seems that children are growing up with so much tv as is, that dvd players in a restaurant just seems a little over the top. I mean, if a child needs a dvd player to stay calm, just how much media (tv, computer, video games) time are they getting as a whole??

Again, sorry to sound judgemental.. it's just a concern of mine.
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