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funny story

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Today we went to the coast to show G the ocean for the first time. He was completely mesmerized by the whole experience (can you say sensory overload?) So, after the beach, we drove to Bar Harbor and had lunch and on the way back to the car stopped into this great children's store. As I was checking out the clothes, Mike was looking at the toys with G. G spotted a toy and went bonkers trying to get it. It was his favorite toy af all time...WORMY in a sealed box. I think he was thinking...hey, what's wormy doing here and why is he trapped in the box. Anyway, it was rather fun for us to see him react so strongly
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Isn't that cute? I can't wait to show dd the ocean, I be G loved it!
Sounds like you all had a great day! Did he let you leave the store without a fuss?

I remember when dd1, DH, and I went shopping and I happened to let her look at a few books. Well, she fell in love with "Dr. Duck" with this fuzzy duck face sticking out of each page. When I went to put the books back, she kept saying "Ducka, ducka?" throughout the store! So, of course I went back and bought it. She loved it and read it for YEARS!
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