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Funny Story

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a couple of my friends (all ttc in 07-08--all will be first timers) had come over to my house to talk about our future baby sutff and what we have been thinking about--etc.

in the past, we've had lots of great conversations and i've introduced the girls to FAM, HB, UP/UC, BF/NIP, and EC. a few weeks ago, they all said "that's crazy!" and "i just don't think it's possible!"

so, we were talking about EC and whether or not it is possible (i have printed some of the articules from that website that i can never remember the URL to) and reading over the articles and just shooting the poop as it goes. . .

when this happened:

i have a rabbit named October J. i'm deeply connected with him. One of the girls was holding him, and i see him make "the face" which indicates that he needs to pee. I quickly get up, grab him off my friend's lap--while saying "he needs to pee!" and run him upstairs to the litter box. My friends laughingly follow me to his box, and as soon as i set him down--he relaxes and pees.

And they all said, "well, i guess EC is possible!"

so, maybe a few more of us, huh? LOL
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