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Fussy, Colic, Reflux, Green Poops - Help!

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My daughter is one month old. She's been fussy her entire life. If she's awake, she's fussing or crying. She spits up and arches her back a lot, even during feedings. She will have a period of extreme fussiness every night, usually between 1:00 and 7:00 am.

At 3 weeks old, her ped put her on Zantac, .3 ml three times a day. Things seem to have improved, but it's still bad. I also cut out dairy from my diet 3 weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's helping, but I don't dare start eating it again just in case.

I'm not sure if this is normal baby fussiness, or if there is really a problem. She won't let us set her down, and she hates the sling. We need to be holding her and moving all of the time. It's impossible to get anything done.

Also, her poops have been green for the past two weeks. It never occurred to me that this was a problem until I saw it mentioned in another post. Before that, they were yellow. This seems like it could be an allergy, but since I already cut out the dairy, I'm not sure to what. Does this mean anything?

I'm overwhelmed and confused by all of this. I want to be there for her, so I just hold her all day. We just moved to this area a few months ago, and I have no friends or family that can help. My dh helps, but he's at work all day so it's hard.
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Have you cut out soy as well? Most babies who react to dairy also react to soy. Could also be a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance.
Is there a LLL meeting near you? My DS wasn't near as challenging as you describe- and I needed a lot of support. When he was a month old, my DH drove me to a LLL meeting and waited outside, as my DS was taking so much of my energy I couldn't even get there, kwim? The first month I just sat and listened, and felt so much better! Things got so much easier at around six weeks- and hearing that from like ten moms with babies in their arms made it much easier to believe. Lots of questions like yours were asked and answered!

I know things will get easier for you- congratulations on your baby girl.
I agree, get some mama support during this time. It does sounds like she has both reflux and classic colic. The colic is that set time that you mentioned. The reflux will cause the back arching and spitting up. For that, increase the Zantac (talk to the ped first-- they often start you out on a low dose) or try a stronger med if she's totally miserable and not eating well. Prevacid or Prilosec work good. Or give Mylanta if you are just going to use it here and there, but it's not good to use very long term b/c of bone growth concerns.

The green poop-- definitely a sign of getting too much foremilk. Do you have overactive letdown? This will cause back arching and turning away, too, if the baby gets frustrated. Go over to the bfing board to get some advice about how to tame your supply. Be sure to nurse fully on one side so she gets the good hindmilk on that side and only switch sides if she's still hungry after "emptying" the first side.
You could start an extremely bland diet. Give sufficient time inbetween adding foods that you can tell if your babe is allergic to them. Also, it takes a couple weeks to get the milk out of your system. It could be a reaction to the milk still.

I would try eliminating wheat next. I've heard a lot of moms complain about the same stuff from wheat also.

Good luck!
Oh mama, I know this is so hard. Although not exactly the same, I had similar problems with dd. There is hope. In a nutshell, chiro, craniosacral therapy and crying in arms (also not drinking our well water) resolved our problems. You can search my back posts if you have the time, as I've written about my experience many times. Right now I must nap dd, but will try to write more later.

Many hugs.
Overactive letdown can cause all those problems and genearlly will cause problems from birth like you mentioned. Food issues on average don't kick in until 6-8 wks, though it can happen earlier.
If it's not overactive letdown, you might want to take a look at the "healing the gut tribe" thread in Health & Healing--symptoms that appear to be food allergies in EBF babies are generally a result of the mother's leaky my case, my 3 1/2 month old's apparent sensitivity to dairy is a result of my body not fully breaking down the milk proteins, which causes her immature system problems.
October, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner ... sleep problems abound in our household and are taking up lots of time
. Anyway, I dug up some links and old threads you might find useful.

This is an article from Mothering on crying in arms:

And this is an excellent thread on the idea of crying in arms, with people speaking to all sides of the issue. Also, I write about the problems we had, and how crying in arms helped:

Although crying in arms helped, I don't think we'd be doing nearly as well without the chiro and CST. I found a chiro who said she would only need to see dd 3 times or less, and charged $35/visit. She is amazing, and on the first visit resolved issues the previous chiro had not. So it's very important to find a good practitioner. I see you're new to the area, so it may be difficult to find a referral. Is there a local birth network? Or LLL? Maybe you can go to a meeting and speak to some other mamas. I know there's a website for finding chiros for kids, but don't have it at my fingertips. If I find it, I will post a link here.

We also go to a massage therapist who does CST, and we continue to see her every few weeks ($30/session). I believe dd is still processing her birth trauma, and the CST seems to help her and me (I also go occasionally). I always feel so incredibly connected to dd after a session. It really helps me connect with her emotionally, and understand her better.

BTW, my dd also spit up and arched her back a lot, and always wanted to be carried, but she did not have reflux, so that's not always a sure sign. She also had green poops, although I think this was due to our well water. The green went away when I switched to distilled, but she still had lots of gas (and still has some, although it's much better).

If you're interested in CST, you can search for a practitioner here. I would try to find someone with experience in somatoemotional release (SER), which is an advanced form of CST. Then call and ask if they work with babies (not all practitioners do).

Everything the previous posters said is also valid. Food sensitivities or a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance can also cause fussiness, gassiness, weird poops, etc., although I believe these problems are much less common than many people think (studies show a mother's diet rarely affects the baby). Foremilk is simply hindmilk left over from the previous feeding. The longer it sits, the more fat is re-absorbed into your body. As long as you don't go long periods between feedings, I doubt you have too much foremilk. Try to listen to your instinct, as it will help you determine if this is a physiological problem (like food sensitivity), or based more in emotional issues. Please feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss further or just need a shoulder to lean on. I know how incredibly hard and isolating this can be. I can't tell you how many hours I spent crying in those early months. I know it doesn't feel like it, but things will get better. I hope you are able to find a way to help your dd and yourself. Many hugs ...
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Originally Posted by USAmma
The green poop-- definitely a sign of getting too much foremilk. Do you have overactive letdown? This will cause back arching and turning away, too, if the baby gets frustrated. Go over to the bfing board to get some advice about how to tame your supply. Be sure to nurse fully on one side so she gets the good hindmilk on that side and only switch sides if she's still hungry after "emptying" the first side.

Your DD sounds just like my DD at that age, and for us it was overactive letdown. The KellyMom website has good info on this. Also, eliminating dairy has seemed to help, though we only saw results after I was off of it for over a month. Good luck.
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