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Fustrated with My Spender DH!

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I had the whole day planned to be cheap and fun!

Take the light rail to the city
Take atvantage of the National Aquirums $1 day
Packed a heathy but scrumshous lunch (thngs he likes, hogie with lunch meat packed goods)

Take atvantage of the fact this is our last weekend together because I took a weekend job

So 1st thing this morning he decides he wants to drive (like 20min) into the city. "Umm honey light rails cheaper", "no it's not", "go check the website"...."well it's $3.50 per person, so $14!", "No dear the kids ride free", "Maybe the baby but not the 4yo", "Go check"..."Oh 6 and under ride free". Well I've made up my mind anyway, I want to drive". "How much is parking?", "Well in DC the going rate is $8 bucks and it would be $7 for the light rail so just a $1 more", NO BIGGY, I've learned to pick my battles with this one,

We get there, he doesn't shop around he just parks in the closes garage.....
$21 yes I said TWENTY ONE F*CKING DOLLARS!!!!!!!!


We stand in line for about 20 min
:and are really glad we came early as the line is getting longer and longer. We get to the ticket booth and I wanted to ask if the baby was free (she is 20months). He told me "It's just a dollar" anyway she was free and I wasn't going to pay for her and didn't

We have a wonderful day looking at all the animals till we hit THE DREADED GIFT SHOP. I swear this man has NO will power (pulling hair out in clumps). He "feels" that he needs to support the aquirum since we didn't really pay to get in. On gees fine get a magnet, what ever. No he thinks we need to get the kids EACH a toy. I said "Honey we have not bought any new toys EVER for our kids", "yes we have!", "When?", "I can't think of any but they have gotten new things", "Yes dear as gifts from people!", "God will you STOP BEING SUCH A PENNY PINCHING B*TCH!!!"
He buy $27 dolars worth of overprised made in china crap

As we are leaving " guess I can't convince you to go over there to Chipolte for lunch?",
"Dude we have a lunch in the car", "yeah but its some where we like and its' cheap", "I packed us a lunch, it's good remeer I made those muffins you really liked", Sigh "ok".

So a day that should have cost
lightrail $7
Tickets $3
Total $10

Parking $21
Tickets $3
Total $51

::spla t

He is always like this but today I'm really pissed. I cam home and ripped apart pillows, lol. It was good for getting out my agression....I was floffing the filling to make "new" ones

Thanks for reading I'll shut up now
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oh man thats my dh!!
is it just a dh thing? ughhhhhh. right now we are negative in our acct but he still has to spend money
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How frustrating! Would it work if you talked to him beforehand and said something like "We only have $20 budgeted for this afternoon" and let him decide how to only spend that much?
ah, my dh is the same way and it drives me crazy! He always pull the "babe, we are having fun. That's all that matters. Stop trying to ruin the fun"
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
How frustrating! Would it work if you talked to him beforehand and said something like "We only have $20 budgeted for this afternoon" and let him decide how to only spend that much?
No this would just tick him off. He doesn't like when I "talk to him like one of the kids" sigh
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I totally understand. My dh is the same way, especially around the holidays. I'm always saying "I think we've bought enough" and he'll go out after I've gone to bed and buy more. Then we're broke when we could have put money in savings. It's so frustrating.
My DH is a bit like this too (especially about eating out). One thing I've thought about is trying to take turns planning our weekends. On my weekends we do it my way, on his weekends we do it his way. That would at least cut down on the problem.
Oh man oh man I know this is super frustrating. I have no advice for you, only an ear to listen with! KISSES
Sounds just like my DH. We have annual passes to an open air museum that the kids really love. Part of the exhibition is an old fashioned candy shop. Well DH can't take the kids to the museum and come home, having spent zilch. Oh no, it's a bag of candy each (including himself of course) at about $2 a bag. Totally needless.
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Sounds just like my DH. My favorite is I leave lunch or dinner in the frige for the kids and I come home from work and he ordered them a pizza.
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