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Originally posted by Muggins&Doody
The Fuzbombs have a gusset on the back of the waist so that bigger fitteds can fit under them. The WIO's don't have that gusset. That's pretty much it. Someone had a pic comparing them. Julie, was that you?
Yep, that was me. I have found them to be very similar in size/ shape. There are some variations from cover to cover, but I think the main difference is the back gusset. On the Fuzbomb it is made of jersey like the leg gussets and on the WIO it is made of the same wool as the rest of the cover.

Close up of gussets (Blue Skies is the WIO, Ice Star is the Bomb)

Back View (you can see they are almost identical in size)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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