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Good condition used fuzzi bunz cloth diapers, purchased used, never used by me. Still in medium and potty learning is going well. We are moving so I don't want to hold on to them. Perfect for bigger/older toddlers/children who grow out of one size or smaller diapers.

I've never used these but I used ones from the same person and there were no issues. She told me that she used Charlie's Soap which is what we use on our other cloth diapers and trainers. No build up or stink in the small and medium that I had from her.

These are the older style tabs, Made in the USA version, which I think are actually superior to the newer Chinese-made version which I also have and fall apart (gripe gripe)

I have about twenty in various colors.

Free shipping if you buy a lot.

[Sorry. Moved and can't currently find them. I'll repost when I do.]
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