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I used to have a link to a site where if you buy a size from them, when you need the next size they will trade you for the next size up for $1 or something like that. Anyone know what I am talking about. It was something like <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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<a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
but its more than $1... you get credit for your old ones:<br>
Exchange rates:<br>
New 2002 and 2003 style diapers:<br>
A quality diapers: $7.50 whites, $8.50 colors<br>
B quality diapers: $7.00 whites, $8.00 colors<br>
C quality diapers $6.50 whites and colors<br><br>
Resale values:<br>
A quality $10.50 each whites, $11.50 colors<br>
B quality $10.00 whites, $11.00 colors<br>
C quality: $9.00 whites and colors<br><br>
Old style diapers (round tabs, lites etc)<br>
A quality: $5.50 whites and colors<br>
B quality: $5.25 whites and colors<br>
C quality: $5.00<br><br>
Resale value for old style diapers:<br>
A quality: $8.50<br>
B quality: $8.25<br>
C quality: $8.00
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