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Fuzzi bunz

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I like to use Fuzzi Bunz for nighttime use. However, we only have 2.
I was wondering if fuzzi bunz users have several for every night of the week or if they re use it. If you re use it do you just rinse it out or exactly what do you do with it.

Weird question I know but I am curious
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I just started diapering last week so I'm probably not a great source. I have 2 FBs - and I wash them every other day to use every night.

I have 2 FB and like to use them for nighttime, we wash about every 3 days so I use my 2 then the 3rd night I ususally use a HH then wash day and back to my FB.
I have 4 and I wash every other day, so I just rotate them.

Ummmm...So far, I only have one.

It took me a couple of uses to figure out that it was a pocket diaper.

Once I realized that it isn't just a cover, and used it the correct way, I was sold! I've been gently washing it once daily and hanging it to dry. I am in the process of buying some more, though.


Oh yeah, I'm probably not the best one to respond either. I've been cd'ing for less than a week.
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I have 8 but I have twins so I guess that would be equal to 4!
I do diaper wash daily (sometimes more than once a day as Im still buildingmy stash!)

I love the FB's but my DH likes HH's better!!

Originally posted by Nursingnaturalmom
If you re use it do you just rinse it out or exactly what do you do with it.
Fuzzibunz do need to be washed between uses.
I have about a dozen on hand but my toddler has her two faves that she insists on using at night time (and it can only be one of those two or we have a total meltdown lol) thankfully my youngest is not so picky (yet!
) I usually do a load of diapers every other day if not every day (2 1/2 in diapers accumulates laundry fast lol) so it's not that big of an issue.
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Back in the day I used to turn them inside out, let them air dry and reuse them for the next night
Once I had aquired more (for nighttime use) I stopped doing that and washed them after every use. Now, I'm down to two, and I can't believe I ever tried to resuse them before washing, they just go straight to the basket after use.
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We have but one small FB that I wash each day so I can use it each night...but we also have a smaller stash of dipes, so I wash every day anyway.
I would definitely wash them every time they're used for hygenic purposes!


I've got over 20 LOL so it's not a problem for me
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