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Fuzzibunz and red rash

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I have been using Fuzzibunz for a few weeks now. I love them but my DS has red rashes around his legs and belly. He is in a medium. The legs don't feel tight on him though and the Large legs are too huge. Is it just his skin getting used to it or am I snapping htem too tight perhaps?
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Is it possible he could be allergic to the outer material? That's the only thing I thought when I read your post. If that material is only touching his legs and belly that might be why he only has a rash there.

hmm. Sorry I am not more help.
my dd gets red rashes from the fleece in the fuzzi bunz (well other pockets too) we have the best of luck with stretch prefolds and wool covers
Any chance that they need stripped? My kids get rashes if I don't strip the fuzzi bunz now and then.
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Could be a reaction to the synthetic fabric, or the laundry detergent. You could try natural fibers and a gentle, natural detergent.
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