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Fuzzibunz leakage

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Hi Everyone

We've been using Fuzzibunz for about a year and a half now and I've never had this problem before.

DD is leaking when she pees. It almost seems that she is peeing too fast for the fleece to wick the liquid away so it is leaking out the sides.

Here are some details:
We use microfiber inserts.
The diapers are not repelling, and they do not have build-up (checked both and stripped the diapers just in case)
The inserts are wet when I change her.

It seems as if when she pees at a normal rate, the diapers can do their job just fine. But if she pees a lot or really hard very quickly, they can't keep up.

Does anyone have any suggestions / ideas / solutions?

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we had this problem every time we used a pocket diaper for ds2. sorry I don't have any suggestions, we just stopped using them and went to wool and never looked back LOL!! but wanted to let you know that you're not alone in that, our problem wasn't build up or anything like that either, it just came straight out all over the diaper and his clothes as soon as he peed.

are they too big? I had that problem with my sons FB's in large. I switched him to PT and they are fine.


they also did that when he was in mediums. the rise was too short. hth's
Sounds like she might need a different size.

And if you hadn't included the part about stripping them, I would wonder what detergent you were using, if it is one of the detergents that *seems* like it would be OK, but is actually full of things that cause problems...

Then again, sometimes kids just pee FAST, and I'm not sure that *any* fabric or diaper could absorb it fast enough!
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Thanks for all the replies.

We use Allens Naturally for the diapers.

She is 19 months and still in Mediums, so I'm thinking that maybe

they also did that when he was in mediums. the rise was too short. hth's
This is the problem.

She's still tiny though. We still use the smallest setting on the waist and the second setting on the legs.

So, we're going to buy one bigger size and see how that works. I think Petite Toddler would fit, she's 20lbs and 37 inches tall (all legs). IF it solves the problem, we'll invest in a new lot and pack the mediums away for our (hopefully) future baby.
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We have had problems with our fuzzi bunz leaking and I have put more stuffings in there and that helped.
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