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Fuzzy Bunz prints - should they do this?

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I just bought my first FB print (new). I have a few in solid colours, and am happy with them so far. I just washed the print for the first time and went to stuff it, and it looks like the PUL has separated from the patterned part of the cover. Is this normal with prints? It seems so flimsy I'm afraid to use it! Will it be easy to accidentally put a finger or nail through the thin water proof 'coating' when I'm stuffing them? Too bad, because some of their prints are quite cute!
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Hmm... I just bought my first fb prints (green and red daisy-- love the red!) and don't seem to have what you're describing. I would contact the manufacturer and see about getting them replaced, honestly. They stand behind their product pretty well.
I would be contacting the manufacturer or store you bought it from as well.
Thanks! Just wanted to make sure this wasn't supposed to happen before I took them back. I am looking forward to getting the daisy print, but they don't have them in stock locally right now. Perfect for under summer dresses!
Those daisy prints are so cute. Wish they had something as cute for boys!
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Those daisy prints are so cute. Wish they had something as cute for boys!

The next print will be dots in boy colors and patterns.

The delamination of the PUL is not normal. I have never seen it happen with a FuzziBunz. Contact the manufacturer.
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I called. Very nice customer service! Apparently they had some delamination problems with this one print (it's the under the sea one). Too bad, because I loved it, even though it's for a little girl. They will replace it with a daisy print. I'm looking forward to seeing the new 'boy' print. I'm such a sucker for the cuteness of these diapers!
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