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FYI Alova Suedecloth is DISCONTINUED!

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I went to the Joann website to see what colors they have and it said under the Alova Suedecloth assorted colors it's our of stock onlins and is discontinued!!! Just thought I'd let you kow to go and get some in the stores if you want what's left.
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I wonder if this is seasonal - Alova is usually carried in Fall/Winter in my experience, or if they are discontinuing the fabric. Who makes it, anyone know?
OK, so a little googling tonight (while I am waiting for a tornado watch/severe storm warning to clear) produced some interesting Alova Suede facts. Did you know that the Korean company that makes it produces the line in 90 different colors including animal prints? Look for yourself. And that the suggested uses are 1. Sofa 2. Cushion and 3. Toy? You can also use it to make these neato costumes for your Roomba vacuum cleaner, if you should be so lucky as to own one.You can also use Alova suede for a diy poker table and to make your own Narnia costumes.

I think JoAnn's has been holding out on us. But I think that it should be heading to the clearance aisles soon, with stock replenished in the fall.
Oh, Wow! I think it's time for me to make a cow costume for my Roomba!
(if I ever get a Roomba, that is. . . )

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I have a Roomba... you can have it & all the extra parts for super cheap (like $25) + shipping if you want it! I've honestly found that once you add in the time it takes to clean the dog hair out of th brushes & parts, pick up all the throw rugs, sweep out the corners & set up the "virtual wall in preparation for running the thing... it's about 10x faster to just sweep or vacuum the old fashioned way! Plus, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to do a large family room-- that's a long time to listen to the noise it makes.

Oh, and this is the third one I've been sent from the manufacturer after the other two broke-- don't believe what is says about working on carpets! It will wear out the gears in a week or so if you try to use it on carpets. It really only works on hard surfaces. I wish I'd never wasted my money on the darned thing.

But if you want it... LOL!
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you know, I've always wondered how well those little roomba things worked, and wondered if I'd ever be able to afford one. Now I know I'll just skip it and hire a maid instead.
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Just to let everyone know, I asked at my local Joanns last night and Alova suedecloth was not discontinued in-store, or at least not in mine.

I have mixed feelings - on one hand I'm glad its not going anywhere - but on the other, I was looking forward to a kickass sale
But noooo, 6 freaking 99 as usual....
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alova suedecloth is at walmart for $2.00/yard. i just got some tonight. natural colors - tans, browns, greens, that kind of shades.


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Man. I KNOW I keep saying this, but I really SHOULD go check wal-mart's fabric department out...
MY Wal-Mart only carries Ultra-suede
Although they did have some generic looking suedecloth fabric for a $1 a while back.
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What might one use suede cloth for? And why wont Ultra suede work? ?'s from a novice diaper sewer....
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Suede cloth is used as a lining for diapers-be it: pockets, fitteds, aio's and even covers. It creates a stay-dry feeling. Ultra suede is not the same thing, though.
Cool, I like the idea of the stay dry feeling. Would I just cut some rectangles out and serge the edges? I use fitteds and covers. And just lay the suede cloth in the diaper? Kinda like microfleece right?
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You don't even need to serge the edges - it doesn't fray

Yep, just like microfleece, except less bulky and stays looking new for. ev. er. Doesn't pill!
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My Joann's will have it on sale for $1.99 on saturday. WooHoo. I'm getting some for pockets.
I just went to joann's to get the sale and saw the alova suedecloth - didn't like it at all! And I so wanted to! But I didn't buy any. I thought it would be thinner and softer, microsuede like the little cloths I can find in the automotive section. And those are too small to do anything with except top doublers.
I have a few diapers with suedecloth and I really didn't like the feel of it either (wonderoos). They are in a 'donate' box atm... While it didn't really pill up, it still attracted 'linty' or fabric bits kinda like microfiber cleaning cloths it bugged me..haha

Oh well. I've heard some mom's LOVE it for pads...but I'd prefer a cotton/hemp or fleece for that!
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