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Gah, gas pains and braxton hicks!

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This is agony today. I have horrible gas for some reason
and it keeps setting off braxton hicks contractions. It's enough to make me double over. Ugh. Of course I'm drinking more water because of the BH, but that makes my bladder full, which creates even MORE braxton hicks. . . . this is going to be a long evening.

Any natural remedies for gas? I can't recall eating anything out of the ordinary today.
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I'm sorry mama, I don't know of any natural remedies, but I hope you feel better soon. I take Gas-X personally, and boy does it help!

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I had the same problem the other night. I folded my king size and body size pillows to make supports under me and the belly and curled up with my butt in the air and read a book. After a while I wiggled a bit and needed a drink and Dh thought I was going to explode.
The relief was ...

Natural as they come and time out just for you.
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I'm not having gas issues so much as the brax hix are kicking my butt LOL.
I have the full bladder/dehydration issue. if I get dehydrated, I get BH. If I have a full bladder, I get BH.

I have had almost no gas/heartburn this time. I think b/c I have been eating smaller portions.
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Oh God, I had this exact thing on Monday. It started just before my OB appt. and by the time I was there I could not even be touched on the abdomen because the gas pains were so bad. I think the culprit was leftover turkey and GRAVY for lunch, even though I only had a tiny bit. Ugh. It lasted all night and the BH contractions were horrible. My husband must've thought I was in premature labor because we are nervous about that. Luckily the next day I was better and ok since. Hopefully you are all better now!
Yes, I felt much better by the next morning. Thankfully DH was on a business trip that night and didn't have to sleep next to me

The thought of premature labor did cross my mind, but only briefly. It was very painful, but not in any regular sort of way. I don't want to experience that again though. Nope. I'd really rather not!
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