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Gaining weight in certain places = gender?

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I complained the other day to a very kind 55-ish mom I know that the majority of my fat thus far has been gained not in my belly, but in my lower back/hips. Sometimes I think I'm carrying the baby back there!

Anyway, she responded with, "That means something. I'll tell you what later." She was referring to the gender.

But I've never heard of this particular litmus test before. Anyone else?

(I know one very tiny mama who has red stretch marks not on her belly, but her lower back. She has a boy ...)
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I don't think so, because I've had a basketball belly all three times (no weight gain elsewhere), and I have a boy, a girl, and another boy on the way.
I was just talking about this with the cashier at my work cafe because I have an ultrasound today. This is the only pregnancy that I haven't gained weight. I've maybe gained 2 lbs & I'm 20 weeks. All I've gotten is a stomach (although I was plus size before preg). I already have 2 girls, so she said maybe this is a boy.

She said that a basket ball looking stomach is a boy and spreading in the hips is a girl.

Only time will tell. ((((Edit: time told & it's my 3rd girl. At least I can now reinact little house on the prairie))))

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She said that a basket ball looking stomach is a boy and spreading in the hips is a girl.

Only time will tell.
Everyone told me dd was going to be a girl and I only had a belly... this time I have spreading on the sides and everyone has said boy
But with dd some people said she was a girl because I was showing a lot, because I wasn't showing at all, because I was carrying high, or because I was carrying low
: So I don't think how the baby is carried matters at all

love and peace.
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I've heard this one before a *lot*. Supposedly, the extra female hormones in making a girl affect the mother as well, causing hip, thigh and butt weight gain. I have no idea if that's sound science or not, but it's certainly a pervasive rumor!
She said that a basket ball looking stomach is a boy and spreading in the hips is a girl.
Its the opposite for me!!
It's all crap. My opinion of course

I think it has more to do with your shape before getting pregnant and how much weight you gain. Obviously if you gain 50+ pounds it's not all basketball belly.
Some Mamas start out apple shaped - they carry their weight in the middle and have thinner legs so they just don't gain as much weight in their butt and thighs. Some of us are pear shaped and we tend to gain more below the waist but I think it has a lot to do with how much weight you gain.

I have gained in the 20's with each pregnancy and so most of my weight is out front and I have 2 boys and 2 girls. Not sure what this one is yet.

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with my little boy i only gained in my belly. everyone says they couldn't even tell i was pg but from the side. if i was sitting and then stood up, people would kind of gasp at me, and tell me they had no idea.
With DD1 I had a basketball belly, with DD2 I gained it everywhere.
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With numero uno, random people said I would have a boy....even after an ultrasound said girl, some people were still convinced that it was a boy (she's ALL gal!). I agree that individual bodies just do their own thing...I am not genetically predispositioned to having a generous booty....and I can say that with either pregnancy, my booty just doesn't gain any weight (that isn't a good thing....I was hoping that weight gain would be spread to everywhere)
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