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I have been taking Traditional Medicinal's Mother's Milk Tea which contains: Bitter Fennel Fruit, Aniseed Fruit, Caraway Fruit, and Nettle Herb.<br><br>
I think the recommended "dose" is 3 to 5 cups a day. I am using 2 two bags, and steeping them together 2 or 3 times a day. So I guess I'm taking about half the maximum recommended dose and I've been getting these mild to moderate headaches that seem to kick in within an hour or so of the first cup.<br><br>
What's weird is that I don't remember getting any headaches when I took the tea for DD1, but I'm not sure I was taking as much, as consistently.<br><br>
I did check but it only lists side effects for one or two of these and headache wasn't listed.<br><br>
Does anyone else get headaches with Traditional Medicinal's Mother's Milk Tea or with any of its components?<br><br>
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