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So french mamans,

I need some help. I was having supply issues. I tried everything and had to resort to formula because I just couldn't make enough for dd2. Then a friend told me about Galactogil granules. So I went to pharmacy, bought some took them and everything went great. After 3-4 days supply went up and and I dropped the formula. Now I didn't know exactly what was in them so I googled them. I found a lot of stuff on French forums saying not to take it. But my French isn't good enough to understand why.

Can anyone help me out?

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I did a quick google search and saw that there was a recall back in 2008 due to bacterial contamination.
Here's a Canadian website which tells which lot #s were recalled
I didn't see any other reasons not to take it on the French forums I looked at, but if you want to give me the links to the forums you saw I can tell you what they say.
Thanks for your reply. Here is one of the links to a forum. I think I understand that some of the moms bought the galactogil but then returned it to the pharmacy. One, in the first reply say its not good. But I can't find a reason or I don't understand enough to know why they don't like the galactogil. I understood the recall but that seems to have been taken care of.
Well, they were saying it's not good as in it tastes disgusting and they don't like the texture! Not that it is a bad product. The last post says it will make you gain weight because of all the sugar.
Oh thanks. I just misunderstood. Haha. That sucks about the sugar but I only drink it once a day. Thanks again!
I am in America and I can't find pharmacy site who ships overseas... I have had major issues breastfeeding (had to go to formula with my last one) and I want to try it. Any advice?
from what I found on a forum here's the ingredients list

Composition pour 100g de granulés

Galéga (extrait aqueux sec des parties aériennes fleuries) 0,383g
Extrait de malt sirupeux 4,800g
Phosphate neutre de calcium 4,809g
Excipients: saccharose, vanilline, huile essentielle de cumin, huile essentielle de fenouil
some people say that using only fennel herbal tea has been as efficient or even more efficient for them

some others say it's the malt in the Galactogyl that helps ...
here's a herbal tea that's said to be helping with milk production

(apparently Galatea can be found under the form of leaves to infuse in boiling water)

Cône de houblon (25g)
Semence de Cumin (25g)
Feuilles d'ortie blanche (25g)
Semence de fenouil (25g)
Galega (50g)

Mettre 1/4 du paquet (qui "pèse" 150g) dans un litre d'eau bouillante. Arrêter l'ébullition. Laisser infuser 5 minutes (pas plus). Boire la dose en 4 jours.
I know this thread is old (the OP has probably weaned by now!), but I had a lot of experience with supply issues in France, so I know Galactogil. I tried everything here and did a ton of reading while pumping, so I just want to answer the orginal question in case it can help someone - The main active ingredient is galega, which is called goat's rue in English. The fennel probably plays a small role too (you can buy it in many forms), but other stuff is just for making it into those sugary little dissolvable pellets.
I just bought galactogil but i cannot read french. could u please help me how to consume galactogil?

Appreciate if you could email me [email protected]

You can consume it any way you like, actually - The dose is 1-2 spoons, 1-3x/day (depending on how low your supply seems, I guess), and you either just eat it by the spoonful, it's crunchy but dissolves pretty fast, or you can mix it into any kind of drink. I used to mix it into hot chocolate, that works really well especially with unsweetened chocolate since the stuff is so gag-inducingly sweet, it just replaces the sugar in your drink. I don't recommend it in coffee but really just experiment to see what seems palatable to you. Eating it straight gets it over quickly, but remember to hydrate well anyway, that also affects supply a LOT. Bon courage!
Has anyone actually bought this in America? I am curious how I can get this. The only way we can get any form of Goat's Rue (Galega) in America is through the Mother Love products or growing it yourself. I grew it this year (now pregnant with #2 so here we go again...) so I will be making my own tea. However, obtaining Galactogil would be a much simpler route. Thanks!
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