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My dad had his removed about 2 years ago and it was horrible for him. He started turning balck and blue and went to the doctors a couple days after returning home from the surgery and they told him he was fine and to go back home but he decided to go to the E.R. and it was a good thing he did, becuase they said he only had about an hour left to live becase one of the doctors who worked on him forgot to tie off one of his veins. So he was bleeding internally and he had lost 2/3's of his blood. Its hard to explain but he only had a 1/3 of the blood you need to survive so he was lucky he lived. He went back and showed the doctors that originally told him he was fine, and i guess it was the first case any of them had ever seen with the type of bleeding he had. Im glad my dad is stubborn and decided not to listen to the doctor because he obviously didnt know what he was talking about. He just wanted to go on his vacation and let my dad bleed. I dont really like doctors know and i hate hospitals. Sorry but it just makes me angry to think how some people are so ignorant when you could tell something was majorly wrong with my dad.

Anyways, good luck with your surgery.
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