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i Gameboy waist pack-holds either type of gb and accessories LIKE NEW-NEVER USED $10ppd

**Accessories for GB:**

snake light-turquoise-attaches to the gb-no batteries needed $3ppd

magnifier-snaps onto GB-needs batteries $6ppd


Yoshi's Island-rated "E" (this is an advance and will only work on a gb advance) $10ppd **pending**

Volleyball-rated "E" $5ppd

Crash Test Dummies-rated "E" $4ppd

Earthworm Jim Menace 2 the Galaxy-rated "E" $6ppd

Super Marioland-rated "E" $3ppd **pending**

paypal only please

thanks for looking.

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I'm interested in your Yoshis Island and Super Marioland, but I have to check with my dd to make sure she doesn't have them already. And she won't be up for a few hours (ooo teenagers, lol).

Can I get back to you later today? I can do paypal if I get them.
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