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Gardening 101 in TX?

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Are there any good websites to help me to get started? Right now I'm thinking a couple containers on our back porch since 4" down in our yard is limestone. Eventually maybe some raised beds? I'm just not even sure what the best season to plant what is. Right now as part of my landscaping in the front yard I have lemongrass, ***** Lime treas, rosemary and some thyme but that's about it.
: I'd like to do some lettuce, peppers and some squashes (zuchs) maybe?

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Hi - I am in south TX too (San Antonio). Here is great website for our area:

Right now is a very bad time to try to start any plants - too hot and dry. You'll want to wait for cooler weather - late September or early October before planting anything new. We are under water-restrictions right now and so I won't be doing a winter vegetable crop unless the drought breaks. Anyhow, the website should get you started, there is tons of good information available there.

I did fake raised beds - I dug down to make a path and mounded up the soil on the beds, topped with newspaper and hay to make new "soil" and mulch. It worked really well.
Another good site (message board/articles) for organic gardening in Tx is
I second - great info there.

Raised beds really are the way to go, I think. So much easier to control your soil quality. We have solid sandstone under a very shallow layer of topsoil and we have ONLY had luck in big containers and raised beds. I grow all of my herbs in those big half barrels (they're pretty inexpensive, too) and I group them together to make sort of a raised garden. I think I have some pics on my blog (see sig). We grow our vegetables and bigger stuff in raised beds about 12"-18" high - just made by stacking up rocks in a shape and then filling it in. Just mulch, mulch, mulch.

I'm in north TX so we're a little drier up here but I bet it would work great for you, too.

HTH - good luck!!
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