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Gas/Heartburn - I can't get rid of it! Help!

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About a week ago, I suddenly developed a lot of gas every day, bloating, and heartburn. A couple of weeks ago I had two days where I was sick to my stomach and didn't feel well, but that went away. Then my middle daughter went through several days of a stomach thing. And then the gas started about a week after my stomach thing. Last Sunday I made a new dish that had curry in it, and after I ate it I started having heartburn. I've had heartburn every day since then. It's been going on for a week now. Nothing I eat seems to make it any better/worse. My bowel movements are completely normal except for two bouts of diarrhea that wasn't very severe, and that was a few days ago.

I'm nursing too. And my baby has been really gassy the last week as well. Could a virus of some sort last this long?

I started drinking Kefir and taking probiotics a couple of days ago, and it's not helping. Am I not giving it enough time? I'm also taking digestive enzymes, which have helped me in the past, but aren't doing anything now.

Any ideas?
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