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Gas pain?

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Hey wonderful mamas,
I have another question! I sometimes get really BAD gas pain right before I have a BM. Its so bad, that I'm doubled over sometimes. I hear this is common and that the baby is perfectly fine. I guess I'm looking to see if you can relate and reassure me? This being my first pgncy I'm a nervous nelly about everything!

PS - the pain is in the lower ab area and only before a BM if there is gas, its not always here before a BM.
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I have experienced that some this time too. This is the first pregnancy I have had that in.
I have always had sharp pains in abdomin area even before I was pregnant. I started taking acidopholis and drinking a lot more water. Make sure you also eat enough fiber and fruits n' veggies. As long as I have healthy BM's, no more pain. Acidopholis really helped and it's safe for the baby.
I've talked to a few friends who had the same thing too, their babes are fine! I guess gas is common at this stage and the lovely cramps it brings! I find what causes my gas is raw veggies and certain fruits. I've never been able to eat a salad without having a REALLY upset tummy so it explains the gas thing. I'll have to eat more cooked stuff I guess!
I had it really bad with my first pregnancy, and I think it was the evil ferrous sulfate in the prenatals I was taking. It stopped when I switched to alfalfa at 12 weeks (on midwife's advice). Note that alfalfa doesn't contain alot of folic acid. But it is great for keeping your iron levels up!

Anyway, I remember thinking "If I can't take this gas pain, how will I handle labor pain?!?!?" But honestly, I think the gas pain was worse than the labor pain, or maybe the labor pain is just easier to get through because you know there's a baby coming, whereas gas pain - you just hope that gas or poop or something will come out soon.
But I remember several nights, sitting on the floor, squatting (it helped), trying to get things to move along better. And sometimes the pain was so bad that I got really hot and was near passing out (I've had that once before pregnancy too). It was really bad.

So far this pregnancy, I've only had a couple nights of minor gas pain - like I needed to get up several times to pee and give my intestines more room (something I learned in Bradley class to help with pain of contractions too - emptying the bladder!). And I'd do some squats as well. It's not been as bad as that first pregnancy, and I attribute it to the fact that I'm not taking any kind of ferrous sulfate supplement! Evil evil stuff.
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that is great advice! I will look at my prenatal too just to be sure. I'm sorry you had it so bad. Its CRAZY isn't it? I too find if I empty the bladder or just poop its WAY better. Even gas. My poor DH
I'm loving your swat advice though, I will certainly do that. I find I'm bending over anyway when it happens!
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