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Hi Mamas. This is my first post.

My son, Munchkimo, age 3 months & 1 week, has experienced nearly every "colic" symptom since he was two weeks old. He is exclusively breastfed and is gaining weight just fine, but something seems terribly amiss. Here's the whole story...

At first, he was gassy and having green diapers. I assumed this was due to a foremilk imbalance caused by me finger feeding him expressed breastmilk while he was getting over the nipple confusion he developed as a result of having jaundice. He was too lethargic from the jaundice to nurse at first so we fed him with a dropper during his first five days of life. When we finally learned to nurse (with the help of a wonderful lactation consultant in Fergus Falls, MN) and the green diapers persisted, I tried nursing on the same side for two feedings. This took care of the green diapers, but Munchkimo continued to have seemingly very painful gassiness.

When he was about one and a half months old, he had an especially bad night once after I'd enjoyed a bit too much chocolate at Easter time. This caused me to believe he was suffering from allergies so I eliminated chocolate and milk (not dairy, just milk, yogurt, & ice cream) from my diet. I didn't see too much of an improvement.

Just two weeks later Munchkimo projectile vomitted for the first time. Meanwhile, I started experiencing nipple pain and Munchkimo began nursing poorly. I was convinced it was thrush so I brought my son to the doctor who told me it couldn't be thrush because his mouth looked fine. I'd read that this wasn't neccessarily true, so I made an appointment for the next day with our LC who agreed that all the symptoms seemed to indicate thrush. We treated with Gentian Violet and APNO. My pain disappeared but my son got worse before he seemed to get better for a few days.

About two weeks after the first Gentian Violet treatment, we did a second three day regiment of GV. This time we boiled all of the pacifiers, bottles, & pump parts. Again he had a few good days and a few bad days but there was no significant improvement.

Over the next couple weeks I eliminate a few more things from my diet: Red Dye #40 & Oatmeal. Still no real improvement. At Munchkimo's two month well child appointment, I bring up the "colickiness" to the doctor who tells me and my husband that the best treatment for colic is brandy--for the parents not the baby. *sigh* The doctor also tells me that I should eliminate spicy food from my diet before I eliminate dairy. Then he recommends we try applying gentle pressure to Munchkimo's rectum with a thermometer whenever it seems our baby is straining.

When we try apply gentle pressure to his rectum, we notice that he is very tense and there seems to be a lot of pressure built up in his digestive system. But the "thermometer treatment", as I'll call it, seems to provide instant relief.

Later, when doing the "thermometer treatment" my husband and I notice that our son appears to have internal hemorrhoids. We are not certain that this is what we are seeing so we decide to wait until Munchkimo has his four month check-up to mention this to the doctor. Then he has blood flecked diapers, so I strongly begin to suspect sever allergies and cut cheese and butter out of my diet.

Meanwhile, at three months old, our son starts teething. So we have additional fussiness, at least that is what we think is the cause of all of the drool and crying. Then Munchkimo begins running a low grade fever--99.5 to 100 degrees. We shrug this off as a symptom of the teething and give him tylenol when his temp gets up to 100 degrees.

Last week, I started the Dr. Sears elimination diet. I've been eating nothing but rice, chicken, yellow squash, sweet potatoes and pears. I had hoped this would help me pinpoint the foods my son is reacting to, but there has been no improvement. In fact, Munchkimo has even had tiny blood flecks in his diapers in the past week.

There has been two good days, last tuesday and last Saturday when my son cried not more than 3 times a day and for less than fifteen minutes each time, but overall, I'm afraid to say his symptoms seem to be getting worse. He is no longer sleeping longer than 2-3 hours in a stretch. He's spitting up after every feeding--sometimes several times and even an hour afterward. This may be totally irrelevant, but last night I noticed a pea-sized swollen lymph node on the back of his head. Also, he has a bright red rash around his anus. I've treated it with Desitin to no avail.

I appologise for the length of my post. I just didn't want to leave out any of the details that might be important.

I'm struggling so much with his terrible fussiness. We had planned a homebirth but were robbed of that when I started pushing at only 7cm dialation after four days of labor. Please share your advice so I won't be robbed of enjoying my son's infancy as well.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry I have no answers for you, but I wanted to extend a big
. I'm sorry you're having such a terrible time. One thing, if my pedi said such things to me, I'd be searching for a new one. Is that an option?

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Wow, you wrote my post. Literally, swap out your baby for mine, and we're living the same life.

FWIW it can take 3 weeks on the elim. diet to see any improvement. It often gets worse before it gets better. I was on it for 18 days before the rash went away.

The red rash around his anus is a classic allergy sign. Pedis don't believe in bmilk allergies. But I can tell you they do exist.

Currenly the "official" diagnosis is reflux. She takes pepcid which helps w/the pain (screeching screams sound famililar?) but not with the spitting up. After doing the Dr. Sears diet, and in the process of adding foods, I can tell you she's VERY sensitive to soy, dairy, pork, raspberries, citrus, and who knows what else, we're still adding.

Thankfully, I can eat chocolate again (dark organic doesn't have soy or dairy in it), and I am eating turkey and chicken primarily, with some beef here and there. We are finally going to see the pedi GI this month.. we've been waiting for 2.5 months to get in.

Hang in there, it will get better! And if your pedi isn't giving you good answers, find a new one! Also, you might consider limiting the thermometer trick, as this can form dependence on stimulation to eliminate. My dd ends up with "baby constipation" (slow slow and straining, but not hard) when she reacts to a food I eat. It takes her 2-5 days to have a bm after a reaction, when usually she's a once a day kind of kid.

Feel free to email me if you want, lisa @ You can also read our diet drama on if you want.


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Munchkimo's mom, I saw your other post as well. Kudos to you and hugs for such a trying time. It is so hard to see our babies in pain.

I just want to second that eliminating allergens can take up to 4 weeks to see improvements. The allergens have to leave your blood system and milk, then leave the baby's system. In the case of severe allergies, this can take the full 4 weeks.

Dairy is the #1 most common allergen. Yes, look for hidden dairy in processed foods. It seems to be everywhere. Sodium caseinate is dairy based.

Babies with severe dairy allergies can also be allergic to beef and soy. Corn and wheat are also common allergens.

The Dr Sears site seems to be down right now, but doesn't he say to give the diet up to 4 wks to work?

Good luck! Don't give up. You can do it!!!
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